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sli logoLife is unpredictable, and the financial impact of unforeseen events can be devastating for individuals and their families. That's why having the right insurance coverage in place is crucial to protect against the unexpected.

Specialty Life Insurance, based in Ontario, Canada, offers a range of comprehensive insurance plans that provide financial security and peace of mind. Whether you're looking for coverage for yourself, your family, or your business, SLI Life Insurance has a solution that meets your unique needs.

Evolution: Simplified Life Insurance Coverage

Specialty Life Insurance's Evolution plan is a game-changer in the insurance industry. This innovative life insurance product combines reliable coverage with a stress-free and straightforward application process. The Evolution plan offers up to $1,000,000 in next-day coverage without the need for medical exams or lengthy applications. It's available for Canadian residents aged 18 to 80 and provides level premiums for the entire duration of the plan.

With Evolution, getting insured has never been easier. Say goodbye to the frustrations of paperwork and long approval periods. Fill out your online application with one of our advisors, and Specialty Life Insurance's virtual underwriting system, Jenie™, will provide real-time underwriting decisions. This means you can get the coverage you need quickly and efficiently.

AD&D Insurance: Protecting Against Accidental Injury or Death

Accidents can happen to anyone, and the financial consequences can be significant. Specialty Life Insurance's Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) plan offers comprehensive coverage for accidental injuries or death. This plan provides financial protection for a variety of debilitating conditions, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safeguarded in the event of an accident.

Key features of the AD&D plan include:

  • Coverage for Canadian residents aged 18 to 69
  • Up to $500,000 in coverage amounts
  • No medical exams or health questionnaires required
  • Additional benefits, such as rehabilitation and bereavement benefits

Critical Illness Plan: Financial Safeguard Against Devastating Conditions

A critical illness can severely impact your financial well-being if you're not adequately prepared. Specialty Life Insurance's Critical Illness plan offers flexible and affordable coverage for some of the most debilitating conditions, including cancer, heart attack, and stroke. This plan ensures that you have the financial resources to cover medical expenses, replace lost income, and maintain your quality of life during challenging times.

Key features of the Critical Illness plan include:

  • Coverage for Canadian residents aged 18 to 69
  • Up to $150,000 in coverage amounts
  • Full coverage for up to 24 critical conditions
  • The second event benefit allows you to keep existing coverage for remaining conditions even after a claim has been made

Final Expense Plan: Guaranteed Coverage for Hard-to-Insure Individuals

Obtaining life insurance coverage can be challenging for individuals who have been declined in the past or have pre-existing health conditions. SLI Life Insurance's Final Expense plan provides guaranteed coverage for hard-to-insure individuals. This plan ensures that you can secure coverage without the need for medical exams, fluid tests, or health questionnaires.

Key features of the Final Expense plan include:

  • Guaranteed acceptance for individuals aged 18 to 74
  • No medical exams or health questions required
  • Coverage amounts up to $50,000
  • 4X accidental death coverage for the duration of the policy

Additional Options and Flexibility

Speciality life insurance understands that everyone's insurance needs are different. That's why they offer additional options and flexibility to tailor your coverage to your specific requirements. Whether you're a business owner looking for corporate ownership and beneficiary options or an individual seeking temporary or permanent coverage, SLI Life Insurance has you covered.

Their Evolution portfolio provides a wide selection of terms and coverage options, ensuring that you can find a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. Specialty Life Insurance offers a range of juvenile life and critical illness plans, providing flexible coverage for your children's future financial security.

Applying for Coverage Made Easy

Specialty Life Insurance makes the application process quick, easy, and entirely digital. With no face-to-face appointments and no medical exams required, you can apply for coverage from your home with one of our licensed advisors. Jenie™, their virtual underwriting system, streamlines the underwriting process, providing instantaneous results and getting you covered faster.


When it comes to protecting your financial well-being and the future security of your loved ones, SLI Life Insurance is a trusted partner. Their comprehensive range of insurance plans, including Evolution, AD&D, Critical Illness, and Final Expense, ensures that you have the coverage you need in the face of life's uncertainties. Don't leave your financial future to chance. Choose Specialty Life Insurance for reliable, affordable, and hassle-free insurance solutions.

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